Managing GamingTime for Student

Gaming is one way to hone creativity in children who are in their growth period. Being parents of children who are addicted to playing games is a challenge. This sometimes causes its own stress, because, on the one hand, we do not want children to focus too much on the play so they forget to learn, while on the other hand, we do not want them to be just serious in learning so they don’t have any playtime. It is very important for children to have a daily play routine as it’s an important part of a child’s growth and development process.

The solution to the problem above is quite easy, it’s about how can we manage gaming time for children so that everything can run in a balanced way. Here are some tips for managing gaming time for children.

The first thing to consider is determining priorities in playing the game. What are you looking to achieve from the games? If you have found the answer, the next step to do is focus on those priorities.

The second step is to set a schedule between playing games and studying. Give them the freedom for gaming only if they agree to divide their time and commit to fulfilling it. Set a schedule for playing games if they have finished working on assignments from school or finished other lessons from school for a period of time. This will also teach children to be more disciplined and committed to the accuracy they have made.

Step number three is to not allow children to play games at night. This might seem counterintuitive, but sometimes stopping and take a break will make you go further in the game. When the body gets too tired of gaming in the night, it will cause a lack of concentration during the learning session in the morning after. So consider not spend much time on gaming at night.